Core Set and Accessories

  • core set
    core set

    Rebel and Imperial fleets fight for the fate of the galaxy in Star Wars™: Armada, the two-player miniatures game of epic Star Wars space battles!

    In Star Wars: Armada, you command the unmatched power of the Imperial fleet, or…

    € 89,99
  • dice pack
    dice pack

    Don’t wait until it’s too late to intensify your firepower. The enemy fleet is approaching firing range, and squadrons of starfighters are racing into position. As you prepare for the upcoming conflicts of Star Wars: Armada,…

    € 8,99
  • Star Wars Armada: Armada Dial Pack
    Star Wars Armada: Armada Dial Pack

    10 additional command dails

    7 additional speed dials

    5 pass tokens

    6 round tokens

    € 12,99
  • Armada upgrade card collection
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